Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services


Pro-Active Data Solutions to Keep You Up and Running

When your IT systems go down, your business goes down. This can be due to hardware or software failure, a data security attack, or a natural disaster. To ensure business continuity in the face of disaster, CST Technology Solutions will set up onsite or remote backup of business-critical data. We can also respond to system failures 24/7 to minimize downtime and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.


CST Backup and Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Onsite Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity



What Is Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is a combination of solutions that work together to ensure a company’s data continuity.

It’s crucial for businesses and organizations to backup essential data in order to ensure that it won’t be lost in case of hardware failure. The process is known as Data Backup.

Disaster Recovery enables the reinstatement of vital information and infrastructure following an IT systems disaster.

While data protection is your first line of defense, anything can happen. Therefore, it is vital for businesses on Long Island to have a data backup and recovery plan.


BDR: A Resolution to a Broad Range of Threats

Anywhere there is data, there are risks to that data. Data is a valuable part of running a business, and it is open to many threats that can lead to leaks or loss. These include physical damage for devices, technical threats, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters. You’ve probably taken precautions against many of these with your own due diligence. But any vulnerability could put your data in danger—it’s important you have a plan for anything that might happen.


CST Long Island: Managing Backups Successfully in a Disaster Scenario

Disaster recovery planning is one of the most important parts of running a business. With CST’s, you will have a way to recover all of your vital data quickly and efficiently. The problem with disaster recovery planning is that you can’t always plan for what happens if something goes wrong until it actually does happen, leading many businesses to neglect this aspect of their business. Proper backup procedures are crucial in preparing for a disaster scenario, as well as being able to manage the damage caused by whatever disaster has occurred.

During downtime when you cannot access your files and applications, having offsite or secure cloud backups will allow you to access critical data whenever it is needed.


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Why Do I Need a BDR Solution?

When disaster strikes, many companies fear that they won’t be able to bounce back after the event. There are many reasons you should set up a BDR solution in your company.

  1. Proactive Protection
  2. Reduces Cost of Recovery
  3. Reduces Business Downtime
  4. Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  5. Protect Both Business & Client Vital Information


Get Started with CST

We want to put your business together again, not just restore it. CST Technology Solutions can set up a backup of important data, manage file systems for disaster prevention and recovery in the event problems arise. With our solutions, we will be able to keep you focused on running your businesses while we make sure all your vital data is backed up and able to be restored.