System Security

CST of Long Island’s cybersecurity and data security solutions provide you with a complete security package. This protects your information from internal and external threats, which can be powerful enough to destroy the entire business. We provide you with the right tools and support that will help ensure your success in staying one step ahead of cyber criminals.

We ensure that your data is protected as fully as possible, no matter how it’s stored; on site or off site. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our team has always got your back when it comes to data system security.

In order to ensure your long-term survival, it’s essential for all businesses to maintain strong system security.


Powerful Weapons Against Cyber Attacks

person typing on laptop; IT security concept

As technology continues to evolve, so do the threats to your system security. Despite this, many businesses still operate without any basic data security protocols or assistance from full-service IT companies.

CST Technology Solutions protects your valuable intellectual property, customer information, and other confidential data. We accomplish this through state-of-the-art security software and innovative applications. Furthermore, for regulated industries, we routinely consult about compliance to federal and state security regulations.

Securing IT systems from hackers who carry out cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, and malicious software is a major priority for all businesses today.

CST System Security Services Include:


Virus Protection

As technology evolves, so do the numerous threats to your system security. Malware, spyware, and viruses will attack your businesses in new, sophisticated ways.  However, with CST Technology Solutions, you can browse the internet and open emails confidently.

From firewalls, vulnerability assessments, access management and more, CST Technology Solutions will develop and implement the best data protection for your business. We ensure total, round-the-clock data security.


Secure Web Access

Basic username/password access systems allow for vulnerabilities that hackers can easily exploit. Rather than compromising your data, CST Technology Solutions will implement Secure Web Access that will enhance the overall security of your system.

With invulnerable, multi-factor authentication, our Secure Web Access will maintain the highest levels of privacy and security. This ensures no unauthorized parties can access or compromise your company’s internal data.


Secure Remote Access to System

Nowadays, more and more companies are operating remotely. Unfortunately, this presents significant threats to your private, internal data. Old access security measures are no longer sufficient. CST Technology Solutions can replace outdated security features with safeguards that allow verified users safe and secure access from anywhere, on any device, at any time.


Spam Filtering

With CST Technology Solutions’ Spam Filtering, you no longer have to worry about unsolicited or dangerous content accessing your system. Without a doubt, preventing malicious content from showing up in inboxes or browsers is the most effective way to ensure they never affect your system. Therefore, Spam Filtering remains one of the most reliable methods of detecting and eliminating external threats disguised as legitimate content.


Get Started Before It’s Too Late…

CST is committed to protecting your data, no matter what. Our team has the solutions to keep you one step ahead of cyber criminals who might want to destroy your business with a single click. Give us a call today at (631) 870-0757. We can help you get started on securing all information stored in any format or location from internal and external threats.