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What is Secure Remote Access and Is It Safe?

November 3, 2021

It’s important to be able to access your business remotely, but is it safe? Even though we see big name companies fall victim to cyber attacks, we still don’t believe it can happen to us. However, softwares used by many Long Island businesses are vulnerable to hackers. The software: Remote Desktops.

In order to allow you and your staff to remotely access programs and information, Remote Desktop Access is a great solution. However, if you are not implementing security measures then you are a sitting duck for hackers. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of Secure Remote Access and how it can help you run your small business safely.

First, What is Remote Desktop Access?

In order to understand how CST implements Secure Remote Access, we must first understand what Remote Desktop Access is.

Remote Desktop is a simple and easy way to access a computer remotely. You can use the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) app on Windows machines, as well as other software such as LogMeIn. If you’re thinking, “I’ve got this covered,” think again. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance , there are over 100 million computers that have been compromised globally.

The problem with these applications? They allow others to access and control your computer remotely without any notice or verification. Who knows what they’ll do with it? Hackers can:

  • Steal customer information
  • Setup backdoors for future attacks
  • Install malware or spyware

Red computer screen with large alert that a virus has been installed

The Problem: A Growing Cyber Security Threat

The COVID pandemic has forced many businesses to operate remotely. Due to this, many businesses were left with unsecured connections as people were accessing through their home networks. This amplifies the risk, as the connection is insecure on both the company and the home network’s end.

This is where Secure Remote Access comes in.

The Solution: Secure Remote Access

Enter Secure Remote Access (SRA). This is the level of security that helps protect your connection from potential threats both in and out of the office, so you can work without interruption.

What is SRA? Secure Remote Access (SRA) allows you to securely connect from anywhere in the world and work on files or programs as if you were sitting at your desk. It provides a connection over an encrypted network that protects both data and identity while also providing access to sensitive information like customer records.

A vast majority of companies are adopting this service as a way to safeguard themselves against cyber attacks because it provides them with peace of mind knowing their client’s private information is not only secure but also very accessible if needed for revisions or input.

What Technologies Do We Use?

At CST of Long Island, the most common technology we use is a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. They are extremely popular, as they allow users too connect from anywhere through an encrypted tunnel. This means your employees can safely access the network whether they are at home or at Starbucks.

However, Secure Remote Access is not a single technology. In most cases, multiple technologies will work together in order to keep your information secure from hacking and data breaches. CST will custom design your IT services to meet your specific needs.

What Are Some Benefits Of Secure Remote Access?

Along with protecting sensitive information, SRA has several other benefits. For example, users can access files from any location.

This technology also allows employees to work from home which reduces office costs and increases employee productivity. In fact, a study conducted by Stanford University shows that employees who have flexible work options are 9x more productive than those without.

In order to keep your data secure it is essential that users have access only to the information they need to do their jobs well. SRA can provide you with fine-grained revoke controls as well as protect against insider threats.

Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

Finally, Is Secure Remote Access Safe?

Allowing remote access to your networks will always feel vulnerable. Yet, remote access is a vital part of modern business operations.

Secure Remote Access from CST is the safest solution to allowing your employees to work remotely on a daily basis.

In combination with other data security measures such as spam filtering and cloud backups, your business can be sure that its taken all precautions to eliminate digital threats.