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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

July 26, 2021

The modern-day work flow has improved thanks to advances many technology solutions. CST of Long Island has upgraded many businesses to VoIP, as it has many benefits to your day-to-day communications. Much like modern data protection services, CST can upgrade communications for your business to be safe, fast, and convenient.

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP. This means that you can make phone calls using the internet rather than a traditional landline. There are many benefits of VOIP such as saving money on your monthly bill, more flexibility with calling plans and no need to pay extra for long distance packages. If you have a small business on Long Island, this blog post will help give some reasons why you should switch to VoIP!


1. VoIP Saves Money

If you already have an internet connection in your office, then there is no extra cost to convert to VoIP. Additionally, with VoIP, you can cut down your monthly price significantly depending on how many incoming and outgoing calls need to be made during the day. You will also be able to get more creative with your plan as well since VOIP lines can do other things like text messaging or video conferencing!

VoIP lines use existing connections on your networking system. This means CST can have your business telephony up and running in a short time. Additionally, this will reduce maintenance costs since VoIP doesn’t require new tools to manage and monitor the system.

2. Pay Only for What You Use

With traditional phones, businesses often overstate their needs and then are stuck paying for extra resources. However, with VoIP, lines and numbers can be changed month to month. You can choose how many minutes and lines you want each month and save those that may not be needed at the time. Without a contract, you have the freedom to pay only for what you use.

3. Voice and Fax Integration

You no longer need to have separate lines for your fax and phone system since the VoIP technology links all these together.

A unified communication solution is important especially if you are a small business that relies on efficient communication, which leads us to point number four.

4. It’s Ideal for Your Business

With any newly emerging technology comes new opportunities for entrepreneurs! The transition from a traditional analog phone system into a hybrid VoIP can benefit both small and large businesses by allowing them to keep in contact with clients more efficiently.

5. Increase Your Freedom and Mobility

When you have VoIP installed by CST, you will no longer ned to sit next to the phone in order to receive a call. You are free to leave the office without a break in communication. With VoIP apps, your cellphone turns into an extension of your business number. Additionally, all voicemails are emailed to your preferred email address.


Upgrade Your Business to VoIP Today

If you’re still relying on outdated phone lines to communicate with customers, it may be time for an upgrade. The modern day work flow has improved thanks to many new technology solutions like VoIP.

With a switch to VoIP, you can enjoy improved call quality; greater reliability in your voice over IP service; lower monthly costs for phone lines and internet access; increased security through encryption technologies as well as more features than traditional landlines. The benefits are clear—so what are you waiting for? Contact us at CST Long Island today so we can help get your business on board!